3 easy steps to get a winter glow

I always feel like people look healthier when they have a bronzed glow about them, and it’s quite easy during summer when you’re a little more tanned and glowy.. but it’s hard to keep a hold of during the colder months when you lose your tan and your skin dries out.

Now you could just book a flight and head off for some winter sun, but for all those where that’s not a feasible option I have a few products and tips & tricks that I love to use to make me look healthy long past August.


This one is a must to get rid of those pesky dry patches and to give your skin a healthy look about it. Exfoliating gets rid of the layer of dead skin cells that build up upon your skin revealing baby looking skin underneath. You can use an exfoliating wash that has grains in it which work by rubbing away the dead skin cells, but I much prefer using an AHA exfoliant- which is chemical. It sounds intimidating, and I put off using one as I thought it would leave me aggravated and red, but I have a few which have worked wonders for my skin.

For my face I use two different exfoliating toners which I alternate between depending on what my skin needs.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator 

This I use most nights as its so gentle and it just reveals a natural glow and doesn’t feel harsh at all. Just use like you would your normal toner and it’ll gently get rid of dull skin cells.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This one I turn to when I feel like my skin needs a little more of a pick me up. I cleanse my skin, pop this onto a cotton pad and wipe across my face. You can either wait till it dries and then put on your normal moisturiser, or if you want a more intense treatment then you can leave off your moisturiser until the morning. I always wake up looking bright and healthy.

Ameliorate Body Exfoliator 

I’m not limiting this to just the face, because this body moisturiser exfoliates your skin and leaves your limbs looking glowy too. It’s a moisturiser that you apply morning and evening for a few weeks and then just use to maintain. You do have to buy it every 6 weeks or so, but it’s so worth it for leaving your body really soft and keeps away those dreaded dry legs.


This one is kind of self explanatory, but a really good moisturiser will leave your skin looking like its still in the summer months.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream 

This one is an absolute winner! When I first seen this cream I thought it was incredibly expensive and probably not worth it. I then got it as a present and only really used it on special occasions, which actually just never really done anything for me as I never gave it a real chance. Then I watched a video that blogger Josie from Fashion Mumblr uploaded that said her Magic Cream had dried out as she hadn’t used it in a while which pushed me to just go ahead and use it everyday morning and night. It’s quite a thick cream and I thought it might clog my pores, but it hasn’t, if anything it has kept me spot free, leaves my skin plump and looks so beautiful. I also haven’t had any issues with it drying out and Ive been using it for ages now. I will definitely be repurchasing it, and really urge that you do for great winter skin.


Well this one is a bit of a cheaters way to looking bronzed, but makes a massive difference. I used to always just tan my body and leave my face up to make up, but I’ve since found a great facial tanner which leaves me looking like I’ve had a week abroad but isn’t at all fake looking.

Tan Luxe Illuminating Tan Drops

These drops you add into your own moisturiser which I love because I used to use St Tropez’s gradual tanner but missed my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream so stopped using it. So this is great because I can tan without having to give up my chosen moisturiser. You can add anything from 1-3 drops (or as many as you like) and apply each night until you’re at your chosen shade. I find that I can just use 2 drops every 3-4 days, and because you only add a couple of drops it lasts for forever. I always get loads of compliments after I use this.

St Tropez Mousse Tan

This one is an old school favourite, so I’m not going to go into too much detail because you probably know of it already. But this one I love because it has a green undertone so there’s not risk of looking orange. I also feel like the colour it becomes once the guide is washed off is just lovely.

St Moritz Dry Oil Self Tanner

This one is so affordable but I love it because there’s no guide colour so no need to wash it off before heading out for the day. It dries super fast so you can get dressed right after putting it on. This is great for me because one reason I don’t like fake tanning is the hassle of having to put it on, leave it overnight and rinse off- I always feel like my pyjamas get stained and I have to coordinate the whole thing rather than just popping on and going- great for the low maintenance girl.


The combination of keeping exfoliated, well moisturised and subtly tanning will leave you looking incredible throughout the winter months.

Let me know if you have any tips and tricks of your own, or any miracle products that I should try. Leave them in the comments below or email me on hello@piximist.com, or come follow me on instagram @piximist.



  1. Alison
    November 16, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    I love the tips as my skin is older and needs some extra help to look plump and youthful


    • Marlies
      November 25, 2017 / 2:49 pm

      You look gorgeous! But these products are all amazing!

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