Valentines Day Gift Guide


Valentines day is fast approaching, and for some the 14th February is a dreaded day as their Instagram feed fills up with excessive bouquets of roses and another pair of Louboutins with the tag ‘’the boy done good’’ – eye rolls everywhere. I personally love all aspects of love so I don’t really mind, but I can totally see why you would become The Grinch of Valentines Day.

But those Instagram posts aside, Valentines Day can be a great excuse to show someone how much you love them- boyfriend, girlfriend or just friend!

So I have come up with a gift guide for the day (no Louboutins in sight) – something that you can give to your special someone, and trust me, their smile will make you fall in love with valentines day all over again.

Luxury Candle
You can't go wrong with a candle. And I don't mean the ''socks for christmas'' can't go wrong, because I actually think you definitely can go wrong with that, like you might as well say I couldn't think what to get you.... but with a candle, especially a luxury one, you can't go wrong. Go for Jo Malone, Jo Loves, Diptyque or even pop to TK Maxx and see if you can find a bargain. Whatever one you go for will make more of a statement than you'd think ''just'' a candle could. Trust me.

If your girlfriend is anything like me.. then she will most definitely be over the moon to receive a nice set of jammies for valentines day. Now if she's very lucky you could buy her a pair of Olivia Von Halle pyjamas, which are 100% silk and the ultimate indulgence. But with there a lot of dupes to this style then you can recreate the look and buy a pair from Missguided, ASOS or Marks & Spencers, which still look incredible.
I love nothing more than popping on a nice pair of pyjamas when going to bed, it genuinely makes me sleep better!?
Shop a selection of gorgeous pyjamas below..

This seems like a really obvious one, almost too obvious that you might not want to buy it incase you look like you haven't put much thought in. But jewellery is something that feels so much nicer to receive from someone you love rather than to buy yourself. Yes it looks the same, but it doesn't feel the same. I have a gorgeous Monica Vinader bracelet which my boyfriend bought me for christmas, and each time I wear it it reminds me of a lovely christmas and of course my lovely boyfriend. So don't overlook this one.... Shop some jewellery pieces below.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers
This. Will. Always. Win.
Go to a flower shop, go to your local M&S or organise them to be delivered. No matter how she receives them I can guarantee she'll love them. It doesn't need to be red roses, these are an acquired taste anyway, any bouquet of flowers on valentines day will bring a smile to her face. You could even make it last longer and get her a subscription from Bloom & Wild which could last 3, 6, or 12 months and you can choose for her to receive flowers every 2 weeks or monthly. This means you get brownie points each month without even having to remember to send them! Bloom & Wild are linked down below..

A New Lipstick
Just like the jewellery, each time she puts on the lipstick that you buy her she will be reminded of you and a lovely Valentines Day. Theme it to valentines day and get a pink or red, or get a perfect nude. This way you're playing it safe by not getting something she might not wear, but you will also rack up some major brownie points for being brave enough to buy her makeup and totally nailing it. I've linked some perfect shades below...

This isn't just for the boys, Valentines Day can be the perfect excuse for self love. So if you're eyeing up these pyjamas, or dying to light a posh candle, then click buy and love yourself for it when the postman arrives.


Happy Valentines Day xo


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      March 7, 2018 / 7:15 pm

      Ah thank you so much! I love Germany ❤ xxx

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