See the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Instant Eye Palette’ in action

I am in love with everything Charlotte Tilbury brings out- it’s not one of those brands that’s all hype and never really lives up, it really is brilliant. All of her products really suit my makeup style- bringing out the best version of you, and making you like a goddess. So as soon as I heard that she was bringing out an eye shadow palette that allowed you to create 4 looks taking you from day time to party, I pretty much bought it without looking.

But, it is £60, so I thought it might be helpful to show you all the 4 looks that you can create with this palette and my thoughts on it.

The palette comes with 4 different looks: ‘Day Eye’, ‘Desk Eye’, ‘Date Eye’ and ‘Disco Eye’. Each eye look has a ‘Prime’ shade which has to be swept across the whole lid, an ‘Enhance’ shade which has to also be swept across the lid but concentrated in the outer corners and then a ‘Smoke’ Shade which is used in the crease line blended up and outwards.

Starting from the beginning of the day, this is the ‘day’ look. It is lovely, the eye shadow formula itself is very blendable and creamy, which is prefect. The actual shades for this look are much lighter than I would normally go for- I do love a smokey eye and this is very subtle so isn’t something I’d normally go for. But, it is great to have this look as an option if you ever do want to go for something subtle but beautiful.

‘Day Eye’

‘Day Eye’

This is the desk look and I thought it would be my favourite from looking at the palette. It is made up of warm orangey shades which are stunning, and work so well for this autumnal time of year. When I put them on they looked so gorgeous and is probably the shades I would choose for daytime. They flatter my blue eyes and would flatter many eye colours and skin tones.

‘Desk Eye’

As I moved through the palette I loved them more and more. The ‘date eye’ was just gorgeous from the minute I put the ‘prime’ shade on. It was so reflective and brightened my eyes right up. Then the ‘enhance’ and ‘smoke’ shades just added a bit more depth and I fell in love. Such a gorgeous look that strikes the balance between daytime and full on smokey eye- so Charlotte nailed the date look.

‘Date Eye’

Looking at the palette I was a bit intimidated by the disco eye- it looked very dark, but oh, my, goodness I love it. I will be wearing this all Christmas party season. It makes my blue eyes pop so much, it gives so much depth, and as a complete bonus my boyfriend said he wished my eyes could be like that all the time… and he never says things like that. There was a little fall out from the glitter, so I would suggest holding a tissue under your eye or just embracing the extra glitter on your cheeks.

‘Disco Eye’

This palette is the perfect travel companion, you can take your look from morning to night (or early morning 😉 ) and you only need to carry one item. £60 is a little steep, but not too bad for Charlotte Tilbury as her other eye palettes are £39 and you are getting a lot more shades in this one. I would definitely recommend investing in this palette and enjoy creating lot’s of different looks for all occasions.

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you think. Hope you love it just as much as I do.

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